When a “Gun Guy” Takes a Day Off to Party, He Still Encounters Fire and Smoke


I am not always just the “gun guy.” I also like to party every once in a while, when time and opportunity permits. After all, we can’t be just focused on making money. We also need to have fun every once in a while.

My girlfriend and I went out for drinks with some friends. We originally just wanted to stay in a pub and just drink beer and chat. However, as the night progressed, we ended up inside a club. It was in one of those high end clubs in our local area. We got in because the DJ for the night was one of my long time customers. So there we were, dancing, drinking and having the best night of our lives, when suddenly, someone shouts,


At first it was not that audible since the club’s stereos were blasting and the crowd was full of laughing and cheering people, plus beer bottles and shot glasses were clinking everywhere. However, the shouts started to pick up in volume and people were starting to turn to where the commotion was from. The crowd’s laughter turned to shrilly shouts as they started pushing each other, scrambling to head out the door as fast as they could. We were in shock and we could not move. Turns out, there was fire catching up the building’s left-most ceiling. I shouted for everyone in our group to calm down and wait for the people to slowly disperse before we ran out ourselves so that we could at least avoid getting hurt from the stampede. In all the commotion, the club’s bouncers where headed for the fire bringing with them fire extinguishers.

When we were out of the club, we rested for a bit and then we decided to head on home when we were sure nobody from us needed to be rushed to the hospital.

4 months after the incident, we came back to the club just for kicks. We were pleased to see that they were still in business despite what happened. Turns out, they made a partnership with Birmingham Precision Roofing, one of the best in roof repair. It was this company that fixed the roof problems of the club. They provided better material for the club’s roof and they enhanced the roofing system of it altogether. In exchange, the club endorses the company every night, informing the people who went into the club that they no longer have to worry about the incident ever again because the best roofing company has secured the roofing needs of the place.

I can also see that whoever owns the club is an effective businessman, because right after the commotion with the fire incident and how it was turned into a marketing opportunity rather than a major loss, a few other companies have started partnering with them, including Atlanta Restoration ServicesTucson Restoration Services, and Chandler Restoration Services (basically the same company but dispersed in the different local areas they represent).

The incident also increased the awareness of people regarding the importance of a properly constructed building, may it be a home, a commercial building, and even a party place.