Real Estate Company Helps Hunting Shop Business Find Perfect Location

It was five years ago when a friend of mine, also a hunting enthusiast, had an accident. He was driving when another car hit his truck. The incident completely changed his life.

Handicapped Hunter Puts Up Shop with Help from Real estate Company
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Prior to the accident, he was an adventurous person. He was almost always one of the friends that I constantly hunt with, especially during the hunting season. However, due to his accident, he can no longer go hunting because his leg had to be amputated. He cannot walk anymore. Even therapy did no good with his condition. It took him quite some time to accept the fact that he can no longer go hunting with us again. However, his passion for hunting cannot be stopped.

He decided to start a hunting shop business. His passion for hunting has led him to this kind of business. Yes, he can no longer do the hunting action but at least he can always unleash the hunter in him through his hunting shop. It was a big decision for him considering that it requires a lot of money to start a business. In his current health condition, he needed to find a way to earn money and at the same time do the thing he love most. The hunting shop is the answer to his longing for hunting.

His business has locally thrived for three years now. he admits that there are times when he feel like he wants to go to the wild, hold a gun, wear his hunting gear, and aim at a game. He of course knows that it is impossible but the memories do sometimes make him yearn for the real action. Whenever he feels this way, he just remembers that at least he is alive and his business is doing great. It has been doing really great that, as a matter of fact, he was able to earn a lot, allowing him to renovate his house and serve his family despite his disability.

He has also earned enough to expand the business and put up a branch. He has contacted the same real estate company that handled his previous commercial building hunt. The agency’s inputs on the location of his current business added to the success that he is having, that is why he is trusting them again with the location for the next branch. Great thing he kept the contacts of that agency, which is as follows:

The Joey Crews Team – Keller Williams Realty Group
1805 Hillyer Robinson Pkwy
Suite A
Anniston, AL 36207
(256) 310-2294

I am more than happy for my friend, because despite his struggle and the loss of his capability to walk, he was able to move forward with life while managing to stay connected to his passion for hunting.