When a “Gun Guy” Takes a Day Off to Party, He Still Encounters Fire and Smoke


I am not always just the “gun guy.” I also like to party every once in a while, when time and opportunity permits. After all, we can’t be just focused on making money. We also need to have fun every once in a while.

My girlfriend and I went out for drinks with some friends. We originally just wanted to stay in a pub and just drink beer and chat. However, as the night progressed, we ended up inside a club. It was in one of those high end clubs in our local area. We got in because the DJ for the night was one of my long time customers. So there we were, dancing, drinking and having the best night of our lives, when suddenly, someone shouts,


At first it was not that audible since the club’s stereos were blasting and the crowd was full of laughing and cheering people, plus beer bottles and shot glasses were clinking everywhere. However, the shouts started to pick up in volume and people were starting to turn to where the commotion was from. The crowd’s laughter turned to shrilly shouts as they started pushing each other, scrambling to head out the door as fast as they could. We were in shock and we could not move. Turns out, there was fire catching up the building’s left-most ceiling. I shouted for everyone in our group to calm down and wait for the people to slowly disperse before we ran out ourselves so that we could at least avoid getting hurt from the stampede. In all the commotion, the club’s bouncers where headed for the fire bringing with them fire extinguishers.

When we were out of the club, we rested for a bit and then we decided to head on home when we were sure nobody from us needed to be rushed to the hospital.

4 months after the incident, we came back to the club just for kicks. We were pleased to see that they were still in business despite what happened. Turns out, they made a partnership with Birmingham Precision Roofing, one of the best in roof repair. It was this company that fixed the roof problems of the club. They provided better material for the club’s roof and they enhanced the roofing system of it altogether. In exchange, the club endorses the company every night, informing the people who went into the club that they no longer have to worry about the incident ever again because the best roofing company has secured the roofing needs of the place.

I can also see that whoever owns the club is an effective businessman, because right after the commotion with the fire incident and how it was turned into a marketing opportunity rather than a major loss, a few other companies have started partnering with them, including Atlanta Restoration ServicesTucson Restoration Services, and Chandler Restoration Services (basically the same company but dispersed in the different local areas they represent).

The incident also increased the awareness of people regarding the importance of a properly constructed building, may it be a home, a commercial building, and even a party place.

That Time I Wanted a Furnace in My Hunting shop

One time, I wanted to put a furnace in our shop because the weather was just too cold for us to handle. I knew I badly needed a furnace but was also very scared because I have no idea what the implications of having a furnace would mean to the equipment in the shop. We all know that some appliances are easy enough for anybody to understand and control, hence they can be bought over the counter. There are manuals and guides in setting them up and you can use the appliance as soon as you are done with the set-up. However, there are household appliances that are far too complicated for anybody to optimize and install on their own. One of this said household appliance is the furnace.

A furnace functions as a thermal regulator, kind of like an AC system but this time, the air is heated up. This is normally used during the winter, or in cold places. This is installed usually in a specialized cabinet, and it has to be installed in the most effective way possible, so that the warmed air it produces can reach all the areas of the house.

Professionals are required for this job because it is not something that can be done by anybody that did not have the proper training for installation. Also, a furnace needs to be understood in details in order to maximize its capacity to regulate the air, and this can only be done by professionals.

You can clearly see the difference between a furnace installed by a professional and those that are installed by home owners who think they could do a better job. It was also the professional furnace installers that gave me the comforting fact that they can install the furnace securely, making sure that the heat does not destroy the gears or make it too hot for some of the products to explode.

At first, I really hesitated because one can never be sure how a company would handle your installation needs. But, I recalled back when I was too scared to trust a plumbing company (CMAC Commercial Plumbing), but later on was very thankful for taking the chanced to hire them for my home and business plumbing installations. I was not really convinced that they could fix my problems but CMAC Plumbing was able to effortlessly give me services that I needed with great quality and efficiency.

So, just as how I trusted CMAC Plumbing Repair, I have also mustered the courage to hire a reputable furnace company. Until now, I have nothing but gratefulness that these kinds of service companies are available in our local area, or else I would still be freezing whenever I have to stay in the shop. Even customers now prefer to go to our shop because it is comfortable and warm, unlike the rest of the shops.

Real Estate Company Helps Hunting Shop Business Find Perfect Location

It was five years ago when a friend of mine, also a hunting enthusiast, had an accident. He was driving when another car hit his truck. The incident completely changed his life.

Handicapped Hunter Puts Up Shop with Help from Real estate Company
Image Credit: dnr.wi.gov

Prior to the accident, he was an adventurous person. He was almost always one of the friends that I constantly hunt with, especially during the hunting season. However, due to his accident, he can no longer go hunting because his leg had to be amputated. He cannot walk anymore. Even therapy did no good with his condition. It took him quite some time to accept the fact that he can no longer go hunting with us again. However, his passion for hunting cannot be stopped.

He decided to start a hunting shop business. His passion for hunting has led him to this kind of business. Yes, he can no longer do the hunting action but at least he can always unleash the hunter in him through his hunting shop. It was a big decision for him considering that it requires a lot of money to start a business. In his current health condition, he needed to find a way to earn money and at the same time do the thing he love most. The hunting shop is the answer to his longing for hunting.

His business has locally thrived for three years now. he admits that there are times when he feel like he wants to go to the wild, hold a gun, wear his hunting gear, and aim at a game. He of course knows that it is impossible but the memories do sometimes make him yearn for the real action. Whenever he feels this way, he just remembers that at least he is alive and his business is doing great. It has been doing really great that, as a matter of fact, he was able to earn a lot, allowing him to renovate his house and serve his family despite his disability.

He has also earned enough to expand the business and put up a branch. He has contacted the same real estate company that handled his previous commercial building hunt. The agency’s inputs on the location of his current business added to the success that he is having, that is why he is trusting them again with the location for the next branch. Great thing he kept the contacts of that agency, which is as follows:

The Joey Crews Team – Keller Williams Realty Group
1805 Hillyer Robinson Pkwy
Suite A
Anniston, AL 36207
(256) 310-2294

I am more than happy for my friend, because despite his struggle and the loss of his capability to walk, he was able to move forward with life while managing to stay connected to his passion for hunting.

Lesson About Hunting Tools

As a matter of first importance, it’s critical to perceive that having the most expensive and updated hunting gears and tools are not viable alternative for having and learning the right skills and expertise that you need when hunting. Some hunting gears can and will enhance your chances of achieving your goal, which is to catch a trophy game. However, if you pair your gears and tools with the right understanding of how hunting works and how you can succeed in it, then you have higher chances of a successful hunting trip. Simply put, skills alone will give you higher chance of hunting success, while gears alone cannot do that, but if you combine both, then you can be unstoppable at making sure you catch the next wild boar or deer that comes your way.

If you have already invested in gears, do not fret, just make sure that you bring with you what is essential, because you came here to hunt to escape the noisy and speedy world that the human civilization has become, right? So Why bring those things to nature? Let your hunting experiences be something you do as pure human, as much as possible.

However, as mentioned, in the event that you have already bought and brought your hunting gears, you have to remember that excessive amount of hunting tools and gears might end up only impairing your chances of a good hunting kill.

Extravagant, complex hardware with loads of fancy odds and ends can, without much of a stretch, deceive you into concentrating on fiddling with your gears and tools, instead of focusing on the more imperative and vital part of hunting, which is to look for a game to catch. That is why, again, it is best to be equipped with just the basic tools, so that you have enough capacity to effortlessly focus on the current task at hand, which is to make sure the deer, 700 meters away from you, is going to be your next trophy.

What’s more, when you’re beginning, it can be extremely scary attempting to make sense of what you really require and what you needn’t bother with. On the off chance that you trust commercialized hunting gears and tools, you’d have to burn through a huge number of dollars, and all you wanted was to catch that deer. On top of that, there does not appear to be a considerable measure of unprejudiced auditing of hunting items out there that you can depend on. Numerous hunting experts and specialists are supported by companies that sell hunting tools and gears, making it difficult to separate legitimate hunting gears from real experts, and those that are just endorsed because of paid supports.

It can be very simple to spend a considerable measure of cash on hunting tools you thought you need, in your attempts to give yourself an edge, just to acknowledge later that you didn’t require all that stuff.

Importance of Navigation Tools In Hunting

Image Credit: learning-compass.com
Image Credit: learning-compass.com

Regardless of where you’re hunting, you should have the capacity to stay informed regarding where you are and also where you’ve been and where you’re going. This implies you’ll need to get yourself at any rate, some fundamental navigation tools. Essential to this, of course, are maps. You have to have the maps of the area you have decided to hunt on. In any case, you additionally require a significant bit of gear that runs as an inseparable unit with those maps. You got it: a compass.

At its most fundamental, a compass permits you to appropriately situate your guide to the cardinal headings so it coordinates the place you are in, as your starting area. Without having the capacity to perform this key undertaking, maps can end up useless somewhere along your hunting trip. There’s additionally an entire rundown of other functional route strategies you can use with a guide and compass. I profoundly propose taking a short hands-on course in open air route to guarantee you don’t get lost and to give you certainty to hunt more areas.

At the point when selecting a compass, you don’t fundamentally need to get the most expensive, and the top of the line compass. Just as long as it works fine and it points to the right direction, then any compass will do. Be that as it may, I wouldn’t suggest getting something on the low end, either. You must also know that “real north” (which your maps are arranged to) and “north pole” (which your compass focuses to) are quite often two unique bearings, and the point between them is diverse relying upon where you are, which country or city you are in (timezone). It appears to be irregular, however simply realize that a movable declination permits you to adjust genuine and attractive north so you don’t need to continue repaying again and again for the variety, which makes for much less demanding route.

Another bit of apparatus which I’ll incorporate under route is a headlamp. Deer hunting regularly includes exploring through the forested areas amid haziness, both after nightfall and before day break. The darkness actually adds excitement to the whole hunting process.However, keep in mind that the end goal is to utilize your guide and compass know where you should head, but if you do not have a headlamp, you cannot actually “see” your way, thus making hunting impossible.

Do not settle for handheld electric lamps. This these will take more time handling than it would to hunt a game down. This is because it is not as portable as a headlamp. With a handheld device, your hands will be busy. whereas a headlamp will perform the same function, but this time, with your hands free for the hunting process.

In recap, aside from maps, the right compass and a handy-dandy headlamp are essential navigation tools for hunting you should not leave behind before you hunt.